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There's Something Special About Graffiti

A Message Of Hope

For those of us who have been touched by breast cancer--either directly or indirectly--"HOPE" presents a powerful, emotional message.


This truly is great graffiti.  The common trait of all art--no matter what form it takes--is that it elicits an emotional reaction in us.  And, "HOPE" certainly does that.

Painted by an artist who chose not to sign his or her work, this graffiti was located on the back side of an abandoned movie theater.  For that reason and because the building stands at the end of a little used strip mall, very few people could have seen this graffiti.  

About 3 weeks after we photographed "HOPE," we returned and were saddened to find this: 

No matter how artful, this is the destiny of all graffiti.  And it is the reason our company, GreatGraffiti, was formed--to save this art for all to enjoy--long after the original artwork's demise.